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 Recruitment Applications HERE

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PostSubject: Recruitment Applications HERE   Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:19 pm

IGN: Mgmihawk
Age: 24
Country: Peru
Do you come from Maya or Wigle?: wigle
How many active chars do you have? Specify with IGNs. Only mg
Tell us your past and current Guild(s): at the moment I do not have another allianša
Do you share your account? no
Have you bought this acc? If so, which is your real char ign? Yes is my char
Do you know any Spartan? Who? yes n0limit plukon kroner
Can you attend CS? yes
Describe your char including Class, build and Set. Smg gaion and rune bastar
Have you read our rules and have you agreed to them? yes
What guild are you applying for? (SpartanS, ProSioux, Affected, Bedrock, Urukhail, indifferent)
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Recruitment Applications HERE
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