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 Smsolariii recruit

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PostSubject: Smsolariii recruit   Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:19 pm

IGN: Smsolariii
Age: 22
Country: Peru
Do you come from Maya and Wigle?:
I come from Maya
How many active characters do you have?
1 single asset Smsolariii
Tell us about your past and current Guild (s):
they come from Maya stop playing for a while when my girlfriend came back Ajuga died I was in PK-2 - Ichor - Reborn - Wehateu by now I have no guild
Does your account?
no I do not share my account with anyone
Have you bought this acc? If so, what is your ign real char?
eh no no's I have bought this acc for years
Do you know a Spartan? Who?
MEET Wizards24
Can you go to CS?
while work permits me I am willing to support as I can
Describe your char class including, build and configure.
because I'm lvl 15 Grand Master
September anubis +9 +10 + x wing plate lvl 2 +4 +15 +13 +16 + L +31 wizdmg energy 2.3k
Have you read our rules and agreed with them?
eh not even read the rules but as I'll report on the rules agree
What guild are you applying?
indifferent you can decide for myself that I can recruit guild
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Smsolariii recruit
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