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 Info para Recruit

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PostSubject: Info para Recruit   Mon Oct 11, 2010 5:26 am

IGN: Smsolariii (SM -400) by master quest, Valantyne (BK -400) hacked, Panaburda (MG-Master)
Age: 22
Country: Peru
Previous Guild: Reborn, Fedaikin
Do you come from Maya and Wigle?: I come from Maya
How many active characters do you have? game alone for now and s-mg ,sm
Tell us about your past and present guilds: Reborn 2 years, 1 year Fedaikin
Does your account? I play not only
Have you bought this acc? do not ever buy accounts
Do you know a Spartan? MEET Dun3
Can you go to CS? I will attend as possible because sometimes the job does not allow it but I am available for problems such as ks
Describe your char class including, I use SM -400 anubis +9 + x +1 + / 5sta
PLatina Staff +13 +12 + L black fenrrir wing lvl2 +13+4 I have 2300 energy
Have you read our rules and agreed with them? Not have read not rule s als with members who speak as Katysha, Erthynel not even told me no rule
What guild are you applying? no nothing special request, any of the guilds of the alliance would be well for me because I can support them in what they can from any of the alliances
Other comments:
when I get back to my bk items, may support more
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Info para Recruit
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